I am Ashok Gautham Jadatharan, a senior engineer in NVIDIA’s CPU team in Bangalore. I am exploring applications of machine learning to CPU/SOC verification. I previously worked on performance validation of CPU cores. I have also worked on writing fuzzers for binary rewriters and ARM architecture validation. I am proficient in C, Aarch64 assembly, Python, and am generally good at picking up new tools and languages.

I previously worked in IBM Research under the prestigious BlueScholar programme and contributed to several prototypes, a paper and a patent in AI planning, service delivery automation, natural language processing, and. I have also worked on characterizing synchronization techniques as my master’s thesis in IIT Madras

I am (as of December 2020), the proud father of 1 year old girl. And for the last year and a bit, my life has revolved around being the best dad I can be.